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Interim Pastor - Don Bellach

My story is not unlike many of yours.  I once was far from God, but was brought near when tragedy struck.  When that happened, I made the decision to return to church.  That decision evolved into me deciding to go to Graduate School and earn a Master's of Arts Degree in Christian Studies from Crown College in St. Bonifacius, MN.  I wasn't sure what God was calling me to or where I would end up, but it turns out, He was calling me to be the Interim Pastor at Svea Hill Church.   

My ministry has turned out to be a family affair.  My wife, Jean, and son, John, are the Tech Team on Sunday and also my support throughout the rest of the week.  My uncle Bill is the Church Chairman and my Aunt Judy helps out wherever she can.  I came to Svea Hill Church in September 2020 knowing I would be surrounded by my family, but I have been truly blessed by God to have found a church family.    

It is my sincere hope that when you decide to see what we're about, that you too find your church family at Svea Hill Church.

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Church Chairman - Bill Bellach

More to come

Worship Leader/Treasurer - Wendy Zacharda

More to come

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