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Study Questions: 11.20.22 Anticipation - Comfort

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Read Isaiah 40:1-2, Psalm 23:1-4, and Isaiah 40:11.  The book of Isaiah is commonly divided into 2 halves.  Chapters 1-39 is often referred to as the book of Judgement and the remaining chapters, the book of Comfort.

1.  How do you define comfort?  What are the things that provide you with comfort?

2.  Have you ever thought of salvation as a comfort given to us by God?  How is it a comfort?  How does salvation comfort you?  Why or why not?

3.  The imagery of the shepherd is often used to describe God the Father and Jesus His Son.  Does this image provide you comfort?  Why or why not?

4.  What are some of the ways that your faith comforts you? 


Read Matthew 3:11-12, John 10:2-4, John 3:16-18 and Revelation 21:5-8. The exile to Babylon and subsequent return to the Promised Land served as a way for God to sort and refine the people. 

5.  How does the coming of Jesus and the salvation He offers sort and refine us today?

6.  How does His second coming sort and refine us in the future?

7.  Is it a comfort to you to know that evil will not continue and that people will eventually receive punishment for the evil they’ve done?  Why or why not?


Read Isaiah 40:9-10, 12, 22, and 25-26.

8.  How can God be both personal and powerful?

9.  How is God’s power comforting to you?

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