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Study Questions: 04.10.22 Spring Training - A League of Their Own

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Read 1 Peter3:8-9 and John 3:16.

1.How patient do you feel God has been with you?  How patient is God with others?

2. How do you know that God loves you?  How does it shape your life?


Read Luke 8:1-3, 23:49 and John 19:25

3.  Many women followed Jesus and were a part of his ministry.  Why do we sometimes overlook their contribution?  How was their story similar to the disciples story?

4.  Why does Jesus want to include everyone?  What does this tell us about how God values people?

5.  The women mentioned in these passages were not only available to be a part of Jesus’ plans, they were prepared as well.  How can we be prepared to be a part of Jesus’ plans?


Read John 20:11-18 and Matthew 28:8.

6.  Pastor Don asserted that Jesus turned Mary’s tears to joy and that may be your Easter story.  Has Jesus turned your tears into joy?  How did He do this?

7.  How have you seen Jesus do this in the life of others?

8.  What is your “Easter Story”?  Take a moment to share your story with others in your group?

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